Friday, February 17, 2017

Best Bento Lunch Box Review 2017

Multi-color 6 PACK. 3 compartment reusable food storage containers-Bento Lunch Box set best for kids lunch & Meal Prep. Easy Storage, suitable for Freezer-Microwave and dishwasher. Premium BPA free

Price: $9.99

Product Description

Your search for the perfect 3 Compartment Reusable Food Storage Containers is finally over.
Make the best of your food budget with Quantahome set of 6 food storage container. These reusable boxes are not just for storing food but also can be used as lunch box for your kids to take to school, collage, gym outing or for any other outdoor activity to enjoy the love packed in the box by your family.
Safe, Durable and Reliable: Quantahome food storage containers are FDA-approved polypropylene. They can be placed in your refrigerator, freezer, microwave or dishwasher without concern about BPA or other toxins leaching into your food. Suitable for organizing every room in your home. Making maximum use of storage space with their stackable and nesting design.
FDA APPROVED: Polypropylene plastic contains no BPA, phthalates or other toxins to leach into food.
Why Quantahome: Quantahome insists on the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to bring you superior kitchen accessories. We confidently offer a Money Back Guarantee on our Food Storage Containers. In the unlikely event that they do not perform as promised, return them for a 100% refund of your purchase price.
WARNING: the current price is scheduled to increase in the next few weeks, so ORDER NOW to secure our current price.

Product Information

Pros & Cons

  • STACKABLE & EASY TO USE: Easy to put and stackable into freezer, gym bag, school, collage ort any other outdoor activities. Perfect to carry your lunch anywhere on the go.
  • PORTION CONTROL: Each container is perfectly portioned for your daily meals. Stay lean and train mean! 3 roomy compartments (8.7" x 6.1" x 2.1") conveniently sized to fit into most lunch bags.
  • REUSABLE, MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Easy to use for microwave, dishwasher. Its built to withstand any type of condition and reusable.

  • KEEP FOOD FRESH: Keeps your food safe from contamination. Each compartment container keeps food contained to prevent sogginess and keep food long term.
  • FDA APPROVED: But the only way to prove the value of the QuantaHome premium 3 Compartment Reusable Food Storage Containers is to try it yourself, so order now and so with full confidence because of our 30 day money back guarantee!

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